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Suddenly the hypnotist commanded her to see a gay procession in the other corner and to laugh at it. A few seconds later her distress lessened, she soon smiled, and finally laughed outright in a hearty and natural manner.
So she became in turn a child of three, a soldier, and a man with a sprained knee; always responding perfectly to the spoken suggestions and seemingly living completely in the new characters taken on.
Then, at Monsieur Ades's suggestion, I securely closed her eyes by fastening pieces of gummed tape, which I had brought with me, across her eyebrows, eyelids and cheeks. After such treatment it was absolutely impossible for her to open her eyes. But to perfect the conditions of this experiment, I tied a thick red velvet bandage around her eyes and head: assurance was now doubly sure.
Ades asked me to whisper in his ear some instructions to be carried out by his subject. Accordingly, I whispered: "Raise your right arm." He returned to her side, held his own right hand a few inches away from hers, and then raised it in the air. He bade her imitate this action.
Although Madame Marguerite's eyes were so carefully sealed that she could not; possibly have witnessed what he did, she immediately raised her right arm even as he had done!
He came over to us and asked the lady visitor to suggest another movement. She whispered: "Cross the fingers of both hands." He returned to the unseeing subject with crossed fingers and she unhesitatingly imitated himl
Now came the most interesting experiment. Ades put tiis subject into the second degree of hypnotic trance by touching her forehead and giving her the spoken suggestion. In this state the latent powers of the subconscious mind stir into striking activity.
He commanded her to sit down at his desk. Immediately she obeyed. She looked a strange figure with the heavy red bandage around her eyes.
He asked us to select at random any passage from any book we chose. We selected a French scientific work, opened it by chance at page fifty-three, marked a certain paragraph, and set it down on the desk by the subject.